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Mother Annette Falk Lund and daughter Karin Falk, both born in Germany, have been based in Copenhagen since 1993.They have been working together on the collaboration project, Falk Lamps, while still focusing their individual art studios.

Karin Falk studied model construction in Copenhagen, and later focused her attention on working with paper and three-dimensional sculptures using collage techniques.

Annette Falk has a cand.mag. in social sciences and history. Since 1998 she has been working as a professional artist and has sold works to names such DYALOG A/S, Siemens, Novo Nordisk, Falck A/S and Edlund A/S. Most of her work consists of oil and gouache painting on coarse canvas and limestone paper. An obsession with narratorial and a deep respect and curiosity for the abstract, that derive their attraction from the interplay between lines and colours.

our work process.

Falk lamps has developed from a curiosity for the intersection between art and design. Every single Falk Lamp has been hand painted with an experimental approach towards colours, motifs and their abstract expression. The slow process layering paint on top of paint, gives the art work a depth and different textures, creating individual and varied expressions. The light and the image from the shadows shows its own story, while the glow of the lamp gives each work of art a new life and allows the artwork to change dynamically with the light and tells its own story.

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